Find the Gray

To simply see a solution as either BLACK OR WHITE may lead to more problems or division. When we take the time to see the continuum of solutions from BLACK TO WHITE, we may find the bits of gray that lead to the best solution.

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up the steep path

When hiking a steep mountainside of loose rock or scree, for every step you take, you lose a half a step in backslide. It takes nearly twice the effort to get to the desired result. Scree slide can be the most frustrating experience as we walk toward our goal, and when we don’t accept it, it makes it […]

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The Precise word

In a world of increasing clutter and of fast-paced stimuli, we mustn’t forget the power of simplicity, of even a single word. Our thoughts are complex and language can be equally complex, yet it can be a single word that holds so much power and drives the entire message.  Simple.  Bold.  Precise.  Why clutter up […]

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Darkness Holds Opportunity

There is security in being able to see what lies ahead. When presented with the unknown, fear and skepticism can override our ability to move forward. Darkness does not remove the opportunity ahead, it only hides it from view. Venturing into the unknown takes faith, confidence and an acceptance of moving out of your comfort […]

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Question Everything

Our minds work in search of solutions, of answers. We process, contemplate and second-guess as we seek answers. Sometimes the way to find the best solution is through the right question. In search of answers, never forget to ask thoughtful questions.  These questions may just be the answer!

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The Flow of Leadership

The practice of leadership is much like a flowing river: ever changing and always in motion. Nothing is absolute. Lead with an open mind and fresh eyes. Enjoy every moment, for each one is a new experience to soak in and learn from. Stagnant leadership is not leadership. “No man ever steps in the same […]

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